Data Subscription Access Revoked

I paid $99 for the unlimited data subscription access for a month, then a week later I canceled the subscription so that it wouldn’t draw money out of my account next month in case I forgot about it. Now, I don’t have access to the unlimited data even though I paid for it.

I’d like my access back or a refund.

My issue was resolved by contacting Alpaca’s support email. They issued me a refund, which was very nice of them. In case anyone runs into this issue, email their support. It only took two hours for them to respond. Thank you Chris Kililio for helping me! I would recommend that if you want to cancel your subscription wait until a few days before your bill renews so that you get the most of your subscription time. I read through the data subscription contract and they’re not obligated to refund your lost time, so I’m very appreciative for their support.