Downgrading market data subscription to free doesn't work


I have tried multiple times to downgrade my current unlimited market data subscription to free, and it doesn’t work. It keeps returning to alpaca dashboard without actually downgrading. I don’t wish to get charged every month when I am not using the unlimited market data access nor I am able to downgrade.

Thanks in advance.


I am also having the same problem and I am looking for a refund cause they just charged me again


Same here. Nothing happens when trying to downgrade, and there is no one to contact. They are just charging my credit card every month. This is illegal and I will report them to consumer protection.

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Till date I haven’t heard back from Alpaca team and continue to get charged even when I have stopped using Alpaca all up.

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Hi everyone, I am the new Product Manager for Market Data at Alpaca. This came to my attention only recently, and I apologize for the delayed response. I went about to reproduce the user journey and subscribed to the unlimited plan, after which I downgraded the plan to the free tier. I was able to do so without any errors. I did see the redirect to the homepage on the first try (I will file a bug for this).

However, navigating to the top right bar, clicking the Market Data Subscription option, and selecting Downgrade allowed me to terminate the Unlimited plan subscription. Do tell me if you observe a different experience. Meanwhile, if you can give me your registered emails, I will remove them from the subscriber list.

Thanks for understanding.
Kavin @ Alpaca

@kavin I tried downgrading via the web UI, no luck. Every time I clicked “Downgrade” option within the “Market Data Subscription” view, it brought me back to the homepage without actually downgrading. Can you please have me removed from the list (registered email: simplyzaki at outlook dot com) and process the refund since the time this issue has been opened. Thanks in advance.

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@kavin following up to check if any update on the “Downgrade” issue?

Hi @simplyzaki, I can definitely unsubscribe and compensate you for the months you were trying to downgrade. But can you help me understand the problem better? I reached out to you via email can you send me a video recording of the problem? It seems the problem is only unique to you; I wonder if it could be the browser or something else. Currently, I have paused all payments charged to you.