Crypto get asset error

Hey all. Anyone experiencing this error with crypto assets? This example is straight from the documentation and it is no longer working. It was working a few days ago

from import TradingClient
from import GetAssetsRequest
from import AssetClass
from dotenv import load_dotenv
import os
API_KEY = os.getenv("APCA_API_KEY_ID", "")

trading_client = TradingClient(API_KEY, SECRET_KEY, paper=True)

# search for crypto assets
search_params = GetAssetsRequest(asset_class=AssetClass.CRYPTO)

assets = trading_client.get_all_assets(search_params)

Which give error:

ValidationError: 46 validation errors for ParsingModel[List[]]
__root__ -> 0 -> exchange
  value is not a valid enumeration member; permitted: 'AMEX', 'ARCA', 'BATS', 'NYSE', 'NASDAQ', 'NYSEARCA', 'FTXU', 'CBSE', 'GNSS', 'ERSX', 'OTC' (type=type_error.enum; enum_values=[, , , , , , , , , , ])

DOCS: Trading - Alpaca-py

Someone from the community was able to help me from Slack. Apparently this was fixed on 0.8.2 so all I had to do was update my alpaca-py version.

I was getting this error too. For me, it was happening right after making a buy order. After a few hours it would randomly work again. I’ll update alpaca-py and see if it fixes it, thanks for updating your post.