API: Get_all_assets generates error on Crypto's

Since the recent updates in Alpaca (5th May’23), I have noticed an error when asking assets or positions that involve Crypto’s !!
For example:

I used to get the list of all tradeable assets (us stocks & crypto’s)

NOW it generates the error below, linked to the crypto’s lines (same error doesn’t come if I restrict the request to us stock using the otpional argument)

value is not a valid enumeration member; permitted: ‘AMEX’, ‘ARCA’, ‘BATS’, ‘NYSE’, ‘NASDAQ’, ‘NYSEARCA’, ‘FTXU’, ‘CBSE’, ‘GNSS’, ‘ERSX’, ‘OTC’ (type=type_error.enum; enum_values=[<AssetExchange.AMEX: ‘AMEX’>, <AssetExchange.ARCA: ‘ARCA’>, <AssetExchange.BATS: ‘BATS’>, <AssetExchange.NYSE: ‘NYSE’>, <AssetExchange.NASDAQ: ‘NASDAQ’>, <AssetExchange.NYSEARCA: ‘NYSEARCA’>, <AssetExchange.FTXU: ‘FTXU’>, <AssetExchange.CBSE: ‘CBSE’>, <AssetExchange.GNSS: ‘GNSS’>, <AssetExchange.ERSX: ‘ERSX’>, <AssetExchange.OTC: ‘OTC’>])

Same happens when using
and there are crypto positions open

Thank you for fixing it

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Update your python package to 0.8.2. Apparently it was a bug that has been fixed.