'could not find asset ""

Hello , I’m just starting out and I can’t make a purchase I get this is my code please can you help me?.

{‘code’: 40010001, ‘message’: ‘could not find asset “”’}

import config
# import websocket, json
import requests, json
from config import *

BASE_URL = "https://paper-api.alpaca.markets"
ACCOUNT_URL= "{}/v2/account".format(BASE_URL)
ORDERS_URL= "{}/v2/orders".format(BASE_URL)

def get_account():
    r = requests.get(ACCOUNT_URL, headers=HEADERS)
    return json.loads(r.content)

def create_order(symbol, qty, side, type, time_in_force):
    data= {
        "simbol" : symbol,
        "qty" : qty,
        "side" : side,
        "type" : type,
        "time_in_force" : time_in_force

    r = requests.post(ORDERS_URL, json=data, headers=HEADERS)
    return json.loads(r.content)

response = create_order("AAPL", 100, "buy", "market", "gtc")


Hey @ivanbaron – looks like you’ve got a spelling error in your create_order payload:

"simbol" should be "symbol" – start there and see if that fixes it :slight_smile:

perfect, thanks. bye