Code 40410000, message: Account not found

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Trying to retrieve account info with Live API keys and getting:

“code”: 40410000,
“message”: “account not found for {account hash}”

The code connects fine with paper keys, and I am sure my live keys are correct. I am able to log into the website and view my live account.
I had an Alpaca account from a long time ago and I remember having some problem when I tried to use it again some time afterward, maybe 2 years after it was created, but probably a year ago at least from today. Something about a change that happened a long time ago to Alpaca that made legacy accounts not work after being idle.

I forgot about that and I just paid for the unlimited data package today and I’m thinking my account won’t work now because of that previous issue. Hoping I didn’t just waste $50.

EDIT: I have another account that I must have made after the previous account was deemed to be unrecoverable. Can my subscription be transfered to the newer account? And if not I’d just like a refund instead.

I realized my paper api Keys that are working are from that newer account, and not the old account.

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Hello? Is anyone going to help me with this? I want my $50 back.

@ToneDeaf Sorry you are having problems logging into your live account. One thing to ensure is that you are using the correct base URL. For paper trading, the APIs all point to For live accounts, one needs to point to Then ensure the API keys match the paper or live URL you are accessing.

If you still have issues, for account specific things like this it’s best to contact our support team at Cut and paste your note above and make sure to include the email associated with the account (so the team can find your account). They will be able to identify the issue and get you up and running.