Can't transfer money

I’ve linked my account number attempted to transfer $ but it says “deposit pending”. Few other times the deposits were cancelled. It does not give me any confidence in this platform.

Were you ever able to resolve this?

i can say I’ve been using alpaca for over a year now, since i didn’t really like how robinhood’s api’s kept changing. and not to mention how it wasn’t public. i can say with my big boy pants on i have lost some money. most of it… is not from what you’d think is normal. like system wide outages and so on. but i can say shits gonna get real and either people are gonna make a hell of a lot, or the system (as in the one that runs the api) will just stop working. like an outage for a day things like this is a fast reminder to keep a look out at what is going on here…

if you didnt understand from that. yes i have made trades on here and can vouch for them… i dont work for them but i am a programmer with a lot of money invested in this company (or stocks) depends on how you look at it

ill also be making a post on testing an HTF with bandwidth at 1GBPS/Up link / down link symmetrical

hey also there was someone who brought up to (dev ops) to put in the dash board i dont see why that hasn’t been done yet :face_with_hand_over_mouth: