Cannot create account

I’m getting this error when trying to create an individual account :
“line in street address cannot exceed 200 characters”

All the details I enter are correct, what’s the issue?
I select the address from a dropdown I get. It’s not more than 200 characters.


I have the sample problem I can’t register

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me too. same problem.

I think we should give more info so somebody may help us.
In my case, i am trying to register from japan.
i got “line in street address cannot exceed 200 characters” and i tried to register my address as following.
English = Japan, Aichi, … etc (i’m not giving my whole address) you got the idea.
Japanese = 日本、愛知…
if i enter my postal code and use one of the address of the list that come up i also get the error. i think it is a bug on the UI because Alpaca doesn’t support my country (maybe) i don’t know.

please help…

I don’t know what more to show.
It’s pretty simple.
We enter the details, pick an address from the auto-complete, press “Continue” and we get the error.

It’s also very strange that this platform manages our money, yet there’s not customer support email or chat.
Are we supposed to wait until someone might read this thread for any problem we have?
I was intending to invest a 6-digit amount with alpaca, but I’m not so sure anymore… :confused:

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hi guys. they fixed the registration form. i was able to create an account…