Creating new Alpaca account

Hi, I tried two different times to create a new account to start using Alpaca but when I login for the first time, I get a 401 error and also couldn’t reset my password. Please help.

@Craig_Kielinski For some reason you aren’t actually creating an account? I do not see any account with the email That is why you are getting a 401 error.

Hi Craig! We are investigating this issue and will get back to you.

Hi Craig! Can you try again now?

Can you hard refresh (shift + command + R on Macbook) before you log in?

Hi - it didn’t work. I’m on a PC and tried to login on a different browser and I get the same error on both email addresses I tried to create an account for. Ugh.

can you share a screenshot?


Did you ever confirm your email address?

Hi - yes I did, and if I click on the email confirmation emails again it says its already confirmed.