BXS Data not there

Quote and Bar API does not return data for the last 2 hours for symbol BXS. Same exact API works for other symbols but apparently not for the ones I actually want to purchase. It was working 20 minutes ago.

It is actively trading. There is volume. What gives?

Hi @timbob1000 - which version are you using? If you are using v2, are you experiencing this on the Free or the Unlimited plan?

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This is on the unlimited plan using V2. It was likely because I was pointed to the Paper endpoint. When using the Java API, it does not automatically change the endpoint based on the account type. After changing the endpoint, it seems to have been resolved. You can probably disregard this.

This was the first shakedown of pointing to live data. As it turns out, it saved me money :slight_smile:

Thank you for your swift response!


This morning I was testing a new strategy but… I can’t liquidate anything, I can’t cancel any orders. The UI is not allowing me to do anything either:

This occurs on the paper account and I get the following error:

code: 50310000, message: “service unavailable”

Also, I cannot cancel an order on my Live account for SI.

Any ideas?


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This morning limit orders are not executing on Paper accounts. I hope this is not indicative of how things work on live accounts?