Bracket Order Glitches

Hey, so I’m new here, and recently created a trading strategy in nodejs that sends long bracket orders as its main order type.

I have had several issues with it, for example, the take profit limit order is being “held” for nearly every single bracket order, as are the stop-loss orders. I understand that this is expected for the stop-loss orders and that they change to market orders when the price hits the stop loss, but I have several positions that went below the stop-loss and it did not trigger the sell and has stayed below the stop-loss for several hours.

Any ideas what’s going on? Is my account broken? Is alpaca just experiencing a huge amount of bugs? I am currently testing in a paper account. I would also like to note that the first leg of every bracket order, entering the long position, is filling 100% every time. So its not an issue of partial fills.