Bracket Order Error


I am trying to submit a bracket order with the parent order being $300 and the take-profit order being $300.10, and I am getting this error back ‘take-price limit must not be less than base price * 1.001’}.

Is there any way around this?

I am also seeing occasionally this error, I made several tests and it seems it is not very consistent.
Any issues with bracket orders?


I am having the same issue and quite frankly want to pull my hair out over the issue. I have been trying to calculate the base price and cannot figure out how Alpaca does it. It seems to be different each time.

For example, I am trying to place bracket orders with a rather tight take profit and stop loss and get this error each and every time.

Any help is appreciated.


@nad @JoeM

This drove me crazy and it took me a while to figure out a workaround. One way to get around this is to first make a simple buy order. Then follow it up with a oco order.

It can be tricky depending upon whether you are doing a limit or market for you simple buy order.

If it’s a market order, then right after you make the market order, you’ll have to pull that recent order and see if it filled, if so then use the average fill price + whatever you want as a variable for the limit price of you oco order.

Hopefully, that makes sense. It’s unfortunate that it’s not straight forward as it should be, but there are a few ways to work around this.


Thanks, yeah that makes sense. Unfortunately, I am placing a stop order to initiate my trade. So looks like I will have to pull the recent order and check if it’s filled then place the OCO, as you stated.

There should be an easier way but at least you found a workaround. Hopefully, Alpaca implements some sort of solution in the near future.

Thanks for the help!