Issues with bracket orders being held

Hi! Im having some issues with my bracket orders.

Entering the order is not an issue, however, exiting it is. Sometimes (but not all the time) the limit sell portion used to exit the trade is in the “Held” status, even when the entry has been 100% completed. I also have had some issues with the stop loss. When the price goes below the stop loss, sometimes the order is not converted from a held order to open order, and the trade is not closed.

Does anyone have any idea why this is an issue, and how to fix it? I am inclined to think it’s a bug on alpacas part, but I am not sure.

@firenibbler Could you post the parent order number? I can maybe check what the issue was. Also, is this in paper or a live account?

This is in a paper account. One of the orders is 99446e63-e5df-4b9c-bc4b-69b129e6b892

I have noticed that about 5/6 of all my bracket orders, after they are fully initiated, result in both a “held” stop loss and a “held” take profit.

Thanks for the help dan!

same issue that i’ve been having and got no help 2 months ago.

+1 Seeing this in a real money account using limit orders and brackets

I am also seeing this issue; submitted bracket orders and the buy was filled, and now both the limit and stop limit orders of the bracket show “held” status. My understanding is the limit sell should show “new” status. for example order 408917cd-e609-47ad-83ba-108c3d989fb2 This is a live account

Let me give you a full set so you can check this out…
Buy order b5368608-c885-4a78-82ad-a3f1d8212389
was submitted with bracket for:
limit sell: aaa062db-fbf1-42dc-b0e9-3663f45d5cd4
stop limit: 561af153-49e1-4821-bbfc-00886e298afe

The limit sell order should currently say new but it says held, just like the stop limit