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I just recently signed up with Alpaca due to its features of both a commission-free structure, as well as, the possibility of automated trades via API. I’m in the process of funding the account, and then I would like to send automated trade orders via a third party automation software, so I don’t have to manually enter the trades. Who do I contact in Alpaca to request the possibility of forming a partnership between Alpaca and the third party software company?



Hey @ronyodish

Please reach out to with this request.

Jason from Alpaca


Thank you, I went ahead and emailed them earlier.


They have not yet responded. Maybe I should also physically mail them a letter.

Hi there,

Well, I found this great solution and wanted to share it as I am using it and works great…

Next Level Bot will help you to automate your trading. NLB use API Keys to connect to your Alpaca account to help you to execute your trades.

It is a simple WebHook setup to automate alerts from TradingView through Next Level Bot to place trades on the Alpaca exchange.

No PineScript, JSON, Python, AWS, Clouds or Chalice needed!

Next Level Bot has eliminated the necessity of coding and now you can send alerts directly to your Alpaca Real and Demo account, both!

If you are interested visit Next Level Bot




Next Level Bot costs money per month to use… the pdf you posted says to choose FXCM for $13.32 per month. Also, FXCM does not accept USA resident accounts, based off an email I received from FXCM Client Services saying so.

I am hoping to use the free auto-trade program called Capitalise in partnership with Alpaca, but Alpaca support has not yet responded to my email. If only they would make a decision on my email request.

Right now, my Alpaca account is funded, but I only want to trade automatically at this time, and not manually. If there are any Alpaca support reps reading this forum, please respond to my email.

Hi Roni
Yea, it says to choose FXCM option but right there you will be able to see the Aloaca option to create your API credential and exclusive Syntax for Aloaca to be used in your TradingView message window.

The Alpaca integration is new in next level bot, they have not yet change that part you mentioned. But you can start trading automated way I just few minutes and clicks. Just choose FXCM and from that point then only choose Alpaca options

I hope it helps


It costs money my friend… monthly payments. Also, I have no access to FXCM because I am USA resident.

You do not need FXCM account. To start in next level bot just click that option, then you will continue with alpaca as the Alpaca options for API credentials will be shown after that. That FXCM button confused me too, but just click there to get that subscription. The FXCM option to subscribe in Next Level Bot will give you access to Alpaca too, then you just go with alpaca.
Any service will cost something, for me is perfect as I have no knowledge in coding and this service makes it very easy to have automated trading. I hope it helps others

Thanks for the clarification on FXCM.

I signed up with Alpaca, because it offers commission-free trades. I wanted Alpaca to partner with Capitalise, because Capitalise is free to use, and it also makes the trade strategies in everyday language (no coding). So a free automation service to a commission-free broker sounds like a great idea, if they can agree to partner.

However, if I use Next Level Bot, and pay for monthly service, then that ruins the whole point of using Alpaca commision-free trades, because instead of losing money on commissions per trade, you now lose that money on the monthly payments.

Those extra fees, whether it’s commission fees or monthly fees, can be hard on amateur traders, because they cut away at the small profits that can be generated in the stock market.