Automating Deposit and withdrawals without Brokerage API?

I am not sure it is possible with the current API, but If I could request that the ability trigger a Withdrawal or Deposit through the API much like the functionality in Account->Banking that would be very beneficial for some of my Trading Automation. If this is possible outside of the BrokrageAPI (because I don’t really want to be a broker with clients) let me know I would love to be able to automate this process in my app.

While I’m all for automating more things, I have to say the capability to auto-withdrawal (not deposit) via the API would definitely worry me as an Alpaca user. If an API key ended up in the wrong hands and the connected bank account had been compromised, it seems like this could be a recipe for disaster.
Just my humble opinion!


The capability already exists on the brokerage API side, just not the API we are using for normal trades/account information. I was hopeful they would bring that capability over so I could automate some deposits on pay periods or do profit withdrawals at the end of the trading periods.

I wish that too, but I was told by an Alpaca member that the Bank/Transfer API availability for individual accounts won’t happen soon, if it will happen someday, what is a shame.