Programmatic Deposits

I’d love to be able to programmatically fund my Alpaca account from my bank account via ACH with an API endpoint. My use case is to support automatic investment (e.g., a portion of every paycheck). I’m happy writing the cronjob, but I’d also be open to Alpaca owning the cronjob (i.e., a dashboard-based automatic investment feature)

I’d also ideally love to be able to programmatically withdraw funds, although it’s less important to me.


I’d also like to see Alpaca allow for deposits to be initiated via the REST API.

i like this idea too, also it would help with the people requesting ira functionality

100%. Even just a simple recurring deposit control would be really helpful to have.

Programmable withdrawals would also be cool. I could automatically send myself a portion of my gains every month, for example.

We are working on this :slight_smile: - How much would an average recurring deposit be? Also would you be interested in weekly deposits? monthly? quarterly?