Anyone Trading Live?

I’m set to finish my first bot in the next 2 weeks and finally switch over to live trading using real money. Needless to say, I’m a bit apprehensive about switching over.

Wondering if anyone is live trading and how their ‘transition’ went (from paper to live) and if there are any crucial aspects that they didn’t anticipate in advance.

I am but hardly. I was extremely apprehensive because my limit orders were executing as expected in paper. Right now I’m just swing trading to be safe.

ive been back on live trading for about 2 months now some trades are 15-25% during the month but the rest are around 3%

Id say if your this new to the game dont go live yet if you plan on putting all of your equity in one stock each day and repeat for the week, when i was first starting out i had the problem of not estimating cash burn so id see a large loss of 15% around those times, nowadays i micro invest around 3% of my equity as a stock is increasing, best advice i got and have for you is try incremental investing where you place more then one order for one stock.