ACH deposit canceled

Hi there, I’m sorry to ask this in a forum. I have looked around and it sounds I am the only one with this issue. My bank (CHASE) has confirmed that my checking account is linked to Alpaca, but I have tried twice and what I get is a canceled order. Anyone from Alpaca that can share some suggestion?

Many thanks

I have the same problem, also with Chase

Thank you for your reply. With this, I have 3 deposits canceled in Alpaca from Chase, although Chase sent me a conformation email about the linked account. I’ll call them, but i’d be nice if someone from Alpaca can shed some light (if any). Thanks

Update: now it works …

Same exact issue. Deposits and transfers were cancelled (I didn’t cancel them). WTF.

I’m having the same issue, it’s saying the credentials have changed so I tried to unlink the account so I could relink and update the credentials but it won’t unlink the account. No response from any channel after over a week.