0 BUYING POWER need help

hi MY ACCOUNT HAVE 0 BUYING POWER, BUT I still have 16k in my account, what should i do ?

@shumin_lin For account specific issues, especially if urgent, please send a note to the Alpaca support team at support@alpaca,markets. Ensure you include your account number and/or the email associated with the account so they can find it. Also mention if this is for a paper or live account.

That said, you can calculate buying power yourself to see if it’s off. Here is the general formula

buying_power = (multiplier x equity) - sum(long and short holdings)

The ‘multiplier’ can be either 1 (if the account equity is less than $2000), 2 (for funds borrowed overnight which is called RegT buying power), or 4 (for funds borrowed during the day for day trading). Ensure you use a positive value (ie the abs of the holdings).

So, if your holdings are more than 2x your equity then your buying power will be zero. That is for RegT, or overnight, buying power. If day trading, intraday buying power is 4x.

Also note that if your account equity drops below $2000 then the multiplier drops to 1.

Could any of these things be the issue?

send email to support@alpaca,markets ? this is not email address

send email to support@alpaca,markets ? this is not an email address

Hey @shumin_lin

The support email is support@alpaca.markets

Jason from Alpaca