Where did Margin Power go?

Hi - I have an equity of almost 2,400. With this, shouldn’t I have a margin power /buying power of 4,800.? Unfortunately, I don’t seem to have it and instead about 750.
How do I get this addressed?

maybe its a rebalance and you need to wait a day for it to adjust

Account specific issues are best handled by the Alpaca support team. You can email support@alpaca.markets and include the email associated with the account, whether it is for your live or paper account, and a brief description of the problem.

That said, buying power is calculated as the max buying power minus what you’ve already bought or have outstanding orders for. Basically it’s two time equity minus funds already committed. So something like this

buying_power = (2 x equity) - long_equity_value - abs(short_equity_value) - long_buy_orders - abs(short_sell_orders)

So depending upon what you’ve already bought, and your outstanding orders, it may be less than two times equity.

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