Buying_power = 0

My account should have a buying_power >> 0. Can someone explain?

“id”: “bd52cb3c-d4b5-4124-a87a-xxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“account_number”: “0107XXXXXX”,
“status”: “ACTIVE”,
“currency”: “USD”,
“buying_power”: “0”,
“regt_buying_power”: “156181.72”,
“daytrading_buying_power”: “312363.44”,
“cash”: “78090.86”,
“portfolio_value”: “78090.86”,
“pattern_day_trader”: true,
“trading_blocked”: false,
“transfers_blocked”: false,
“account_blocked”: false,
“created_at”: “2020-07-16T22:56:24.208537Z”,
“trade_suspended_by_user”: false,
“multiplier”: “4”,
“shorting_enabled”: true,
“equity”: “78090.86”,
“last_equity”: “78090.86”,
“long_market_value”: “0”,
“short_market_value”: “0”,
“initial_margin”: “0”,
“maintenance_margin”: “0”,
“last_maintenance_margin”: “0”,
“sma”: “78090.86”,
“daytrade_count”: 8

Problem solved. buying_power is back!

What was the solution? Or did you just need to wait a day for an update/reset of some kind?

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I suspect someone saw it and corrected it.
I might also be that Alpaca is updating the account several time every morning. All other parameters on the account was update before I wrote here. 10 min later buying_power was correct.