When will tax free stocks and shares ISA account be available?

Uk residents can make tax-efficient investments using an ‘ISA stocks and shares’ account. Every year up to £20000 can be deposited and gains are tax free.

With the power of Alpaca and its flexible approach to investing, the availability of ISA accounts would draw the British masses. Many US brokers already have these accounts available for UK residents.

When will Alpaca make this available to UK residents? (It’s a showstopper).


As a fellow Brit, I’d love to see this. Not holding my breath though…

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I’d also love this feature, I haven’t found any platforms with a good range of US stocks with UK ISA accounts available.

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I believe the US has a similar concept, known as a Roth IRA. Canada has something similar. This is hugely important for trading/investing.

Would it be possible for Alpaca to create Roth IRAs for non-US citizens? If not, could Alpaca create ISAs for Brits and TFSAs for Canadians?

My main concern is that I, as a Brit, would end up getting taxed twice for any gains I make via Alpaca: once by the US IRS and then again by the UK HMRC.
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It’s on the list and will be coming. The details, ad which plans will be supported, haven’t been finalized but we realize this is important.

One issue that will arise is most of these plans cannot be in a margin account. Therefore, one will need to handle the settle time for trades. This means waiting 2 days before using funds from a sale. In the current margin accounts those funds are available immediately.

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That’s amazing! If Alpaca offered a tax-free account for UK citizens, I would have no reason to use any other broker!

On the matter of cash accounts, I think they would be popular, even if taxable. Judging from the posts and comments in this forum, there are a lot of Alpaca customers who want to trade frequently but don’t have enough equity to bypass PDT (I am one of these people). Until I have $25k, I would definitely prefer to wait a few days for some of my cash and not have to worry about PDT or margin, and I’m sure many of your other customers would agree.

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Hi @Dan_Whitnable_Alpaca, do you know if there is any update on this?

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On a related note though, this is great! (what a coincidence!) :grin::uk:

Hi. Just wondering if there is any update on this. Looking to set up an account from the UK to algo trade and would prefer a cash account to avoid PDT rules. Thanks



I agree with this. I do all of my regular trading on ThinkOrSwim on a US cash account with stocks and options that allows me to take as many trades that I want each day on US markets. I am highly interested in a cash account and would also be glad to wait for the funds to settle.