What happens to my investments if I die?

Hello, I am new to Alpaca Market, I have an account for 1 year. I am preparing to invest in the long term (10 years or 20 years). But I still have my doubts, what happens I live abroad and I’m not very clear about what will happen to my investments if I die.

  1. Will there be a way for Alpaca to contact my family so they can inherit it?

  2. What do I have to do so that my family can legally inherit these investments?

Forgive these kinds of questions. I know they can be somewhat uncomfortable for some people, but I had to do it, since I have a projection to create a heritage little by little. However, I do not have the guarantee that I will be alive, but at least I would like that this patrimony can be inherited by my family and thus they can give continuity to the investments.

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Create a trust, change ownership of everything you own to the trust, outline in your trust your beneficiaries etc. This isn’t really a broker problem.