What criteria determines if a stock is tradable or untradable on Alpaca?

Some stocks have been bought by my algorithm, but when the price has reached my sell criteria the action will sometimes return as “not tradable.” Does anyone know if this is due to a lack of price data, or possibly the fact I am trading low priced and low volume stocks?

I’m using pylivetrader, and zipline. I check for tradability with if(data.can_trade(stock)): , a zipline function.

are you using “LIMIT SELL” orders ?

No, I will give it a try. Thanks.

i use market orders for the selling side and a limit order for the buy

Every time you do a market sell , the site crushes you. In end up getting an average price way below market

Just to be clear I’m not advising you to use market sell orders I believe limit sell orders are probably the best route for that, trying to sell at a percent below the price usually helps out too