Not tradable, or inactive stocks

My app picked up a number of ULBR a while back. When the app eventually went to sell the asset, I got an API error saying the stock is not tradable. I decided to wait several weeks to see if it “fixed” itself, but no luck. I notice I cannot even manually liquidate or create an or in the Alpaca UI. I get a message similar to:

Failed to liquidate position in ULBR
asset ULBR is not tradable

So my question is, how do I actually liquidate this stock? Am I forced to just ride it all the way to $0? Is it possible to transfer it to some other platform, and sell it there instead?

This is on a live trading account.

ULBR is still listed as inactive, but I have a number of shares. Does anyone have information on this?

I’m running into similar issues in paper account. Unless this is resolved I’m not sure I dare run this algorithm against live. Anybody has a solution?? Going to $0 is obviously not an acceptable way to handle.

@lostislandguy: OK, but I think there exists a deeper problem: In my case it was SILJ and CALX bought i.e. not inactive or pink slipped. Still not able to close out the positions the same day. Both assets are “tradeable” when I query.

Oh, and not hitting any day trading limits either.

@here. I just hit a similar issue. Alpaca rejected order to buy 1054: asset PLM is not tradable (error code 40010001). But PLM is coming back as tradeable.


I’m experiencing the same issue. Has anyone figured out a resolution.