Trading API and OAuth

There are 4 principal API in the Docs :

  1. Broker API
  2. Trading API
  3. Market Data API
  4. OAuth API

Is it possible to create an App using Trading API, with OAuth API?

I want create an app using Trading API, for an Alpaca user, just like a tool, and permit to do algorithmic trading… I really just want to made a “tool” between Alpaca Market and an Alpaca Market user.
The user will have to do it’s own account directly by Alpaca Market.
But, for that he can trade trough my app, my app need to know his api key / api secret
Is it possible to use Oauth to my app (using Trading Api) not need to know api key/api secret ?

thank you for your help

That’s exactly my understanding. If you need to create credentials on behalf of your user, the broker api with OAuth is your best bet

I’m doing something similar (nodejs), and curious if you’re having any success. I did get oauth flow working just fine and I can fetch account data no problem, but creating watchlists has been a nightmare of bugs as well as fetching quotes and bars. The api docs are quite poor at describing required headers, how data should be formatted, etc. 404 and 422 errors give very confusing messages.