What is the API for buying and sell stocks in Alpaca?

I have an alpaca account and i want to know what is the API for buying and sell stocks in Alpaca? in a little confused

@Juan_Fermin There are two separate sets of APIs for individual traders.

The Trading APIs include all account related methods including those to buy and sell securities. The reference documentation for those can be found here. A convenient feature in the docs is the interactive right pane where one can try out any of the APIs in real time right from the documentation page. The specific endpoint for submitting an order to buy or sell in a paper account is POST https://paper-api.alpaca.markets/v2/orders The documentation on that is here.

The Market Data APIs include all data methods to fetch trade, quote, and price data for individual securities. The reference for these can be found here.

Many users prefer to use an SDK as a wrapper for the various low level APIs. There is information on getting started with the python SDKs here. The complete alpaca-py SDK documentation is here.

Hope that is enough to get you started. Please post back here with any questions.