Switching IEX only to all market data

I have the unlimited data plan and I am using the rest api on Python to get historical bar data. Do you know how to get data from all exchanges instead of the default?

Do you use “get_barset()”? This uses the v1 api and will not give you all the data. Use get_bars instead.

Oooh. Thank You so much I can’t believe I didn’t even think about that.

@Harjot_Singh did you manage to get data from all the exchanges?? I signed up for the unlimited plan and used get_bars() and i still dont get data from the other exchanges. Is there something that I should do?

@bless.dube77 Yeah using get_bars() it is working for me and I’m getting all the data. The way I can tell is to compare the volume it shows to other charts. I honestly don’t know what you could do if it really still isn’t all the data.