Stop_limit orders not working

Paper Trading Account

I have created stop_limit order for all the symbols I got in my portfolio but when they touch the stop value nothing happens, there is no sell order.
I have contacted support but I got no answer from them.

Here you can find a few samples (I can provide more data or my account details if needed)

Symbol ACRX, Stop price 1.85 Current price 1.84
Symbol ADMA, Stop price 4.51 Current price 4.39
Symbol AERI, Stop price 21.68 Current price 19
Symbol AFMD, Stop price 2.71 Current price 2.57
Symbol ALIM, Stop price 0.27 Current price 0.22
Symbol ALNA, Stop price 4.98 Current price 2.04
Symbol ANAB, Stop price 35.02 Current price 10.4
Symbol ARCT, Stop price 10.26 Current price 9.87
Symbol ARQL, Stop price 9.17 Current price 7.9


I had a similar experience with live account but the bid price went pass my limit order. Question: do we get a stop order activated trade-update status when a stop order is triggered?

I am having similar difficulties. The behavior of the api with respect to stop_limit orders is erratic:
I placed buy side stop_limit order (id=‘7f821eba-3eed-42be-9982-0ef78152b7ba’)
at ‘2021-12-17T11:56:43.024530498Z’ with stop price of 47180/limit price of 47400 for BTCUSD when BTC trading at 47106, and rather than waiting for price to trigger at the stop_price the paper trade api filled me immediately (‘filled_at’: ‘2021-12-17T11:56:43.103829941Z’,)
at ‘filled_avg_price’: ‘47105.8’. further testing by me yielded a stop_limit order that didn’t fill at all despite price moving strongly past the stop: ‘id’: ‘a1bcc2e5-272b-4827-8bc9-062d1734ebd5’, ‘created_at’: ‘2021-12-17T18:54:26.023348604Z’, ‘stop_price’: ‘46920’, ‘limit_price’: ‘47000’, and despite BTC moving from 46880 to 47115 in the next few minutes thte order didn’t fill.
Perhaps someone could point me towards an explanation of what is happening ‘under the hood’ with stop_limit orders so that I can tailor my requests to get the behavior I’m hoping for…