Start Up Tutorial?

Hello Alpacas!

Just had a great thought, there is not much in the way of a start up tutorial!

If the admins are interested I could start on something like that?

Any thoughts from the community?


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Would really appreciate if you made a start up tutorial. I’m on Ubuntu 18.04.

Hi Nancy, I’m interested - but don’t appear to have the button to DM you (insufficient community points, or something?). Let me know how to contact you.

Are there any specific issues you’re stuck on, or just don’t know where to begin? I’m also an Ubuntu user, and had quite a few issues installing the necessary packages (alpaca_trade_api, pylivetrader, backtrader, pipeline_live).

Two big fixes:

  1. sudo-installing the packages will appear to work in PIP, but you won’t be able to import them using your normal user account; make sure you’re not in terminal as root when using PIP

  2. Most of the packages are not compatible with Python 3.7, downgrading to 3.6.9 worked