SIP Trade Feed - Identifier for CTA vs UTP?


Is there an identifier in a trade that indicates it was a CTA or UTP feed from SIP? I see sometimes there is an @ which is only in UTP but that @ may not always be there as it is just one type of condition. So it is possible to see overlapping trade condition codes and not know how to handle them based on the CTA or UTP specs because they may differ in the specs but share the same condition code.

I’d like to know how to identify if it is CTA vs UTP so I can handle the differences in trade conditions between the two per the specs available.

Let’s use an example of condition “B”. Assume only “B” comes in a trade feed to API subscribers while reading this question. CTA Update Last = Yes, UTP Update Last = No.

@Homer Great question. The “tape” attribute of a trade indicates if it is a Consolidated Tape System (CTS) or a Unlisted Trading Privileges” (UTP) feed. This attribute is labeled “z” in the raw trade object response. CTS trades will always have either an A or B tape, while UTP trades will be a C.

As a side note, the New York Stock Exchange is the Administrator of Tape A , which includes NYSE-listed securities, and the American Stock Exchange is the Administrator of Tape B , which includes AMEX-listed securities, and NASDAQ is the Administrator of Tape C .

Here, for example, is how I lay out trade conditions which would exclude a trade from a ‘close’. The tape-condition pair uniquely identifies the condition.

Feed Tape Condition Description
CTS AB B Average Price Trade
UTDF C W Average Price Trade
CTS/UTDF ABC 4 Derivatively Priced
CTS/UTDF ABC 7 Qualified Contingent Trade (“QCT”)
CTS/UTDF ABC 9 Corrected Consolidated Close (per listing market)
CTS/UTDF ABC G Bunched Sold Trade
CTS/UTDF ABC H Price Variation Trade
CTS/UTDF ABC I Odd Lot Trade
CTS/UTDF ABC M Market Center Official Close
CTS/UTDF ABC P Prior Reference Price
CTS/UTDF ABC Q Market Center Official Open
CTS/UTDF ABC U Extended Trading Hours (Sold Out of Sequence)
CTS/UTDF ABC V Contingent Trade
CTS/UTDF ABC Z Sold (out of Sequence)

Hope that helps.

Thanks. Yes I also saw those on your documentation pages but was not sure.

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Here, for example, is how I lay out trade conditions which would exclude a trade from a ‘close’.

Great thread. I was hoping you could clarify what you mean specifically by “exclude a trade from a close.”

Is this how you would filter data to only receive true closing trades?