Proposal: Introduce place_batch_orders and cancel_batch_orders in Alpaca API

Hello Alpaca Community,

I'd like to propose the addition of two new methods to the Alpaca API: `place_batch_orders` and `cancel_batch_orders`. These methods would provide the ability to place and cancel multiple orders simultaneously, which can be particularly useful for traders looking to execute complex trading strategies.

**Functionality Description:**

1. `place_batch_orders`:
   - This method would allow users to submit multiple orders in a single API call.
   - Users would provide a list of orders to be placed, and the API would execute them in a batch.

2. `cancel_batch_orders`:
   - This method would enable users to cancel a group of orders at once.
   - Users would provide a list of order IDs to be canceled, and the API would process the cancellations in a batch.


- Efficiency: These batch order placement and cancellation methods would reduce the number of API calls required, leading to more efficient trading.
- Better Support for Strategies: Traders can easily manage multiple orders associated with complex trading strategies.
- Improved User Experience: The Alpaca API would become even more versatile and user-friendly.

**Use Cases:**

- Algo trading: Traders can submit or cancel multiple orders as part of their automated trading strategies.
- Risk management: Rapid order cancellations can be crucial in managing risk.

**Request for Community Feedback:**

I'm looking for feedback from the Alpaca community to gauge interest in these proposed features. Would you find batch order placement and cancellation methods valuable in your trading activities?

Please feel free to share your thoughts, use cases, or any concerns you may have regarding these features. Your input can help shape the development of the Alpaca API.

Thank you for your consideration!

Best regards,

Can not see real advantages, why not loop through a list of order ids for canceling or submitting several orders one after each other?

If you loop and cancel one by one you need 15 seconds to cancel 30 orders, if we can use batch ids cancel at once it take 0.3 seconds, high frequency trading you can’t use over 1 second to make a request, thank you for your reply