Wish new API for submitting multiple orders


Currently there is submit_order() API that takes one order. I’m wondering if it is possible to support a new API like submit_orders().

In the current behavior if the client side wants to submit X orders at the same time, it needs to call the REST API X times. Even with async in Python it’s still not fully parallel, which means there are some latency between order submission. If we can submit X orders with one request then it’ll solve the problem. Brokers like IB do support this kind of functionality.

IMHO I guess on the Alpaca backend, the implementation shouldn’t be too complicated as well.


Hello @WinJ

We are aware of the interest. If there is not already an open issue for this feature request on the Alpaca API GitHub Repo please open one there as it is easier to track.

Thank you,
Jason from Alpaca