Position JE had a split, now I cannot sell it

I bought 159 shares of JE on 2020-09-28. The next day the symbol had a 1:33 split. However, my list of position still shows the OLD price and the OLD quantity.


Moreover, it shows the CURRENT price as $0.2910 while actually it’s $4.88 (I looked it up elsewhere).

As a result, I don’t know how many shares I own actually and what is the actual current price.

I did a manual calculation of the new quantity of shares I must have: 159 / 33 = 4.8, so I MUST own at least 4 shares at the new price (I’m not sure what happens with the remainder of the fraction). I tried to sell those 4 shares but the site tells me: “asset JE cannot be sold short”. But I’m not trying to sell it short, I’m just trying to liquidate the position I own! I was doing that using alpaca_trade_api in Python.