Position JE had a split, now I cannot sell it

I bought 159 shares of JE on 2020-09-28. The next day the symbol had a 1:33 split. However, my list of position still shows the OLD price and the OLD quantity.


Moreover, it shows the CURRENT price as $0.2910 while actually it’s $4.88 (I looked it up elsewhere).

As a result, I don’t know how many shares I own actually and what is the actual current price.

I did a manual calculation of the new quantity of shares I must have: 159 / 33 = 4.8, so I MUST own at least 4 shares at the new price (I’m not sure what happens with the remainder of the fraction). I tried to sell those 4 shares but the site tells me: “asset JE cannot be sold short”. But I’m not trying to sell it short, I’m just trying to liquidate the position I own! I was doing that using alpaca_trade_api in Python.

I’m having the same issue with my TOPS stock. Did you ever figure it out?

Patrick, I’ve never got an answer from Alpaca guys. My experience outside this site tells me that after a few days or maybe a couple of weeks the old stocks must be converted into new stocks and become tradable again. If this is a reverse split (the stock price increases, the number of stocks decreases), the fractional part after the conversion (0.8 new stocks, corresponding to 27 old stocks in my case) will be lost without compensation. This is just my understanding, not a verified fact.