PlaceOrder no longer resolves AssetKey UUID

This morning my app started throwing these errors:

2021-06-01 16:56:08 [ERR]: error closing position. symbol=SBUX err=could not find us_equity ‘0a7deac5-2d75-4e54-9f66-51c1c6fad55b’

I’ve been using the AssetKey UUID in the symbol param, which docs indicate is still supported:

Parameter: symbol - symbol or asset ID to identify the asset to trade

Was this an intentional change? I was able to workaround this issue by using the symbol and not the UUID, but I think the docs either need to be updated, or the prior behavior restored.


@coopernurse This is an issue the Alpaca engineering team is looking into. Just surfaced. I’ll post an update when we learn more.