[HELP] Can someone help and tell me what's going on

Why am I getting this error

Message=no snapshot found for APPL

Whats funny is when I type “AAPL” directly, I am getting a return without error var asset = await dataClient.GetSnapshotAsync(“AAPL”);

string symbol = “APPL”;

        var asset = await dataClient.GetSnapshotAsync(symbol);
        var price = asset.MinuteBar.Close;

        // We could buy a position and add a stop-loss and a take-profit of 5 %
        await tradingClient.PostOrderAsync(
            MarketOrder.Buy(symbol.Trim().ToUpper(), 1)
                stopLossStopPrice: price * 0.95M,
                takeProfitLimitPrice: price * 0.94M,
                stopLossLimitPrice: price * 1.05M));

APPL isn’t a valid symbol. AAPL is. Looks like a typo.

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