BUG: options_enabled was not found error in Alpaca.Markets.AssetAttributes

This started today. no changes on my end.

Alpaca3.alpacaClient.ListAssetsAsync(new AssetsRequest { AssetStatus = AssetStatus.Active })

System.ArgumentException: ‘Requested value ‘options_enabled’ was not found.’

Newtonsoft.Json.JsonSerializationException: ‘Error converting value “options_enabled” to type ‘Alpaca.Markets.AssetAttributes’. Path ‘[872].attributes[0]’, line 1, position 277541.’

Sorry for the delayed answer. In the future, if you want a fast response it’s better to report .NET SDK issues on GitHub - it’s hard to monitor the forum/Slack for SDK-specific issues.
Always start by upgrading to the latest SDK version - in most cases, it already contains a fix for your problem. For instance, .NET SDK 7.0.0 handles all assets properly.

thanks for the tip, ill use github next time.

i had made sure i was on the latest before posting.


  • are you not able to reproduce with the code provided?
  • happen to have exceptions disabled?

ADDED: At this moment (5:20 pm EST 1/17), i cannot even grab assets all of the sudden from live or paper. This never returns:

alpacaClient.ListAssetsAsync(new AssetsRequest { AssetStatus = AssetStatus.Active })