Paper account messed up after reverse split

In my paper account, after CHFS reverse split, my account graph shows my portfolio value went from 100k to 250k +. It actually showed that number in the equity field in the UI on that day, however now my equity and portfolio value show up correctly. HOWEVER, the graph is still incorrect and shows 280k or whatever. Going to ‘paper positions’, it still shows that I have my pre-reverse-split number of shares of CHFS, and I am unable to liquidate the position at all, locking those funds up in my paper account. I figured this would resolve itself after a few days since Polygon also seems to have mis-handled that split. I reported it to them with no response, their data still is not split adjusted and is messing up my backtests now (for PLM as well as CHFS…). Is this the correct way to officially report a bug to Alpaca or is there some form I should fill out somewhere?

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Now the paper account has two different CHFS positions in it, and I still can’t liquidate the pre-split one…