OTOCO (bracket) order with separate time in force

Platforms like fidelity supports OTOCO with initial buy order time_in_force set to Day and OCO orders set to time in force to GTC.
I tried the same in Alpaca API, it does not support a way to mention two separate time_in_force.
Can anyone please confirm?

Basically I want to place BUY order for AAPL at limit price and time in force to DAY
and Stop loss at trigger price with market order and GTC order and take profit at limit price and GTC order.

Hi @memcpy_command ,

Alpaca supports OTO and OCO orders. Here’s a link to the part of our documentation that contains all you need to know about it. There are also a few guidelines on the docs.

I’m not sure this is possible in a simple, elegant way. As a workaround, you could maybe create the bracket order with a Day time-in-force and then, once triggered or at the end of the day, replace the stop loss and take profit with new orders with GTC time-in-force…