Bracket orders and type


Hi, I am not usual with financial app… not a trader…
I am not a devlopper too, but the alpaca market API is so good explained that I try to code a windows application using it… the few I try to code works!

I read the Understanding orders documentation about brackets / oto / oco, but I still have some questions, maybe it will be a stupid questions for person usual with finance/trading

1- is "order_class": "bracket" only possible with “type”: “market”` or is possible with others type?

2- same questions "order_class": "oto" , what type is possible?


time_in_force must be “day” or “gtc"

is that available for all 3 orders class (bracket / oto / oco) ?

4- what is "order_class": "simple" ? nothing advanced I mean…

thank you for your answer