Can someone help with bracket order API?

I have a tested strategy based on bracket-ordering.
no idea on API whatsoever, but I think I need API to submit multiple (maybe around 20) orders a day.
can someone help with bracket order API?

thanks alot

This is how i place bracket order through the C# sdk api, make sure you include the orderclass as bracket.

var order = await alpacaTradingClient.PostOrderAsync(
new NewOrderRequest(
sym, quantity, side, OrderType.Market, TimeInForce.Day)
OrderClass = OrderClass.Bracket,
TakeProfitLimitPrice = profits,
StopLossStopPrice = stoploss,
StopLossLimitPrice = stoplosslimit

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Thank you! We should have more snippet examples in the docs. Appreciate if you can submit PR here

This is very helpful, these would be good to add to your website…

Michael Duhon
NTG | Big Help Desk