Bracket Order using .Net API

I’ve been trying to do a bracket order using VB.Net. Here is what I have tried:

First, I submit an order (usually a market order)

Then what I want to do is after the market order fills, I want to put profit and stop loss orders on the trade.

Assuming I’ve put in the market order and it has gotten filled, I then try to submit a bracket order…

Here is the code:

        Dim order = Await client.PostOrderAsync(New NewOrderRequest(position.Symbol, position.Quantity, OrderSide.Sell, OrderType.Market, TimeInForce.Gtc) With
                                                    .TakeProfitLimitPrice = TakeProfitLimitPrice,
                                                    .OrderClass = OrderClass.Bracket,
                                                    .StopLossStopPrice = StopLossStopPrice

and the error I’m getting is:

stop price must not be less than base price * 1.001

which I don’t understand because

TakeProfitLimitPrice = 465.0
StopLossStopPrice = 418.5

which makes sense to me (similar to the one I do in TD Ameritrade…)

Thanks for any assistance…