"Notional increment does not fulfill minimum pricing criteria"

What happened to my Paper account PA3OO9O0B0DG, keep getting order rejections fractional trades “Status Code : 422” “Notional increment does not fulfill minimum pricing criteria”, but my live account with same software works fine?

@sonny8huang In general the paper and live environments will behave similarly. What is the notional amount and asset you are trying to order? That would be a good place to start debugging the issue.

“Status Code: 422, Status Message: "Unprocessable Entity", API Response Code: 42210000, API Response Message: "notional 135.68941440804, increment does not fulfill minimum pricing criteria"”,

@sonny8huang It looks like you are specifying the notional amount to 11 decimals (ie 135.68941440804). Both notional and qty fields can only be specified up to 9 decimal places. (check out the docs here). Round or truncate your value to 9 decimals and it should work.

Thx will change it…however same trading in Live account has no issue tho

@sonny8huang Live and Paper have the same 9 decimal place requirement. Do you have an order number of an example in live where you were able to specify the notional value to more than 9 decimals?


@sonny8huang The logs show that order 9ef2af63-c6b5-4111-b9bd-60a6679b853b was a notional order for 8.77. It was correctly specified to 9 digits or less.

 httplog POST /api/v2/orders status_code:200
 body {symbol:SQQQ, side:buy, type:market, time_in_force:day, notional:8.77}
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Ok, Thx a lot, I will try to correct it on my side any way!