No stream data for trade update using paper account


Does paper account support trade update in stream API? I do see trade update using live account but not paper account.

I’m using Polygon stream for trade data, but that shouldn’t affect trade update for the account.

Yes it does, I am receiving paper updates. However, I am receiving for example filled order or canceled one. But I do not receive any message when I create new order, which I don’t get why…

Would you mind sharing a code sample for getting updates (preferably order updates)? I’m new here and am struggling with this, below is my code.

smb = ‘TSLA’
base_url = ‘
ws_url = ‘wss://’

ws_url = ‘wss://’

order_id = api.submit_order(symbol=smb, qty=1, side=‘buy’, time_in_force=‘day’, type=‘market’).id
conn =, api_secret, base_url=base_url)


async def on_msg(conn, channel, data):
# Print the update to the console.
print(“Update for {}. Event: {}.”.format(order_id, data[‘event’]))