New sdk version v3.5.2 using RestClient has 401 (Unauthorized) error

Can you please take a look this issue?

There is the error after I just updated it from v3.3.3 to v3.5.2

The v3.3.3 is still working with the code I test on v3.5.2

i dont believe there is any with alpaca at the moment

If we are talking about the C# SDK, I tried this two days ago and all I got was the same 401 unauthorized error also.

The endpoint api is up and running, i cant say for the c# sdk since i use my own custom wrapper

If you have a custom wrapper, you must know the raw data that needs to be sent to the /v1/bars API to get some 1 minute data. I need to know what comes after the …. to retrieve bars for one or more stocks.

i dont since i dont use the api for that, i use finviz for price data and the positions endpoint

make sure your using the polygon endpoint as seen in

It is fixed after I update to v3.6.1.0