Multi bar json response

I’m implementing v2 for pulling bar data and noticed that the json response from the call returns a format of json that is not consistent with what is detailed in the documentation.

The documentation indicates the following format:

When in fact, it returns:

Note the lack of the “symbol” key element. This makes deserialization challenging.

Short of having to parse this manually, does someone have any recommendations on how to deserialize this into a class object in c# .net core?


I ended up using JObject and JToken objects to deserialize and parse. A bit of manual work, but it works well.

The first response is for the single-symbol request and the second one is for the multi-symbol request.
If you use C# and Newtonsoft.JSON (I assume that because you’ve mentioned JObject and JToken types) you can deserialize the bars property in the second case using the Dictionary<String, List<Bar>> type because keys will be unique per response. Or just use the official .NET SDK NuGet package that handles all these cases for you.