Bars API response format change

Apparently, the bars API had a format change over the weekend. There are now line breaks added that were not there last week. FYI, in case anybody else’s parsing broke as well.

The format of this response is unusual which (for me at least) required custom parsing. Generalized JSON parsing (in C# via DataContract / DataMember) does not support this directly, so changes to this format are painful. :expressionless:

How do I fix this as my code is breaking since today ? Getting “forbidden” error.

That seems like a completely different issue worth of its own topic.

I am also getting this 403 error on the Bars API. Others are working just fine.

@quarantine - Please can you show an example of before vs after, so that we can correctly re-evaluate the code?


I don’t have a log of the before. But the after contains line breaks (’\n’) and indent spacing. If I replace the ‘\n’ with nothing then my old parsing logic works again.