ListHistoricalBarsAsync.. returning null values


Any reason why this below call is now returning NULL instead of a zero-length array when there are no bars between the requested start and end time?

Also, why is there no property in symbolInfo/IAsset that shows the timestamp of the FIRST_COMPLETE 1 minute bar? It would be useful to know when the timestamp of the first recorded 1-minute/timeframe bar so that there is no unnecessary querying intervals

Thanks, appreciate any feedback

> HistoricalBarsRequest barRequest= new HistoricalBarsRequest(stub.symbolCode, startTime, endTime, BarTimeFrame.Minute);
>                 IPage<IBar> raw_bars = null;
>                 try{
>                 raw_bars = await alpacaDataClient.ListHistoricalBarsAsync(barRequest);
>                catch{...}

This is due to the latest changes in the REST API responses. I’ve marked the appropriate JSON field as nullable but now I’m thinking that it was a bad idea. I think we can simply return an empty list on the client-side in this case without significant performance degradation. I’ll change this behavior in the next SDK release.


Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate your response.