C# GetBarSetAsync Data Fail With TimeFrame.Minute

var barSet_ByMinute = await alpacaDataClient.GetBarSetAsync(
new BarSetRequest(“OGEN”, TimeFrame.Minute) { Limit = 180 });
var bars_List_ByMinute = barSet_ByMinute[“OGEN”].OrderByDescending(x => x.Time).ToList();

When I Debug by Visualstudio, I see times not true (Picture below).

What do you expect to receive? If the bar has no trades inside it will contains all OLHC values equal and zero volume. You can easily construct such bars on the client-side (if needed) but I don’t see any reason for sending this over the wire. It’s not documented but this behavior looks reasonable for me.

This’s Tesla Symbol (TSLA). Data missing many times (From 7:25 to 7:23). I have checked many Symbol, ALL Symbol are Missing the data.

Cross posting here, as this is more about different data sources than the SDK issue, just to clarify.