Liqudate sells for below market price

When we choose to liquidate one particular stock, does alpaca sell it for below market price? I was lazy to put in a market sell order and clicked the liquidate button (I thought it was the same as placing a market order, at least during regular hours). The market price was 24.79, and it was sold for 24.33. Is there more information available somewhere with regards to this?

Are you saying there was a bid available for 24.79 for the particular stock? or was 24.79 the amount of the previous trade? What was the bid price? what was the ask price? Was it 24.33 bid, 24.79 ask? How did you obtain 24.79?

Hi Brandon, 24.79 is simply the average of the bid and ask prices when I retrieve the last quote on that particular day. So I assumed that the market price for the stock would have been around 24.79. It just looks like asking alpaca API to “liquidate” stock and putting in a market sell order are different types of orders, even during regular trading hours. I understand how this can be different if trading after hours. So I just wanted to see if other users have experienced the same issue.